19 ‘Missing’ Features in Outdoor Products Integrators Want to See

While outdoor technologies have matured significantly over the last few years, CE Pro readers are not satisfied. Here are some features they would love to see in future products.


CE pros are never shy about giving their opinions on anything, and the growing outdoor technology market is now on their radar, especially as the spring season rolls around and homeowners begin their landscaping projects. Dealers’ interest is especially great these days because the outdoor technology space has become more competitive than ever, both in terms of installation and product offerings.

In the past several years, numerous companies have moved into outdoor sector, which was previously a niche market with a handful of key players. It means more product options from which to research and choose.

Even still, there are several “missing” features that are top of mind among integrators for outdoor equipment, in addition to the greater durability.

From verbatim comments from survey respondents, here are some of the features (some realistic and some that are very wishful thinking) that CE pros are hankering for:

19 Features CE Pro Readers Want Most in Outdoor AV

  1. Outdoor speakers that can be placed in the soffit vent under the eave of a home, totally hidden from view
  2. Improved wireless connectivity for outdoor audio and video
  3. Quality outdoor demo kit that includes an amplifier to demonstrate outdoor audio systems for clients
  4. Quality surge protection for outdoor systems
  5. Better variety of colors for outdoor speakers so they can blend in the landscape as well as the side of a home less conspicuously
  6. Stronger bass for outdoor audio, especially for 70V solutions
  7. Compact bass and mid-bass loudspeaker options
  8. More 70V amp options with lower power requirements and lower price points
  9. Combination loudspeaker/landscape lights
  10. Better trim adjustment for volume output for outdoor systems
  11. More realistic-looking rock speakers
  12. Longer-lasting outdoor speakers and TVs
  13. Lifetime warranties for outdoor product
  14. Better user interfaces for outdoor systems in general that are not part of an integrated indoor control system
  15. Active outdoor soundbar
  16. 5.1-channel outdoor soundbar
  17. Two-zone audio streamer that is less than $400
  18. Better built-in microphones in outdoor video surveillance systems
  19. Low-voltage TVs