Who Are Your Target Customers?

Exclusive consumer research from CE Pro breaks down the target customer for Home Technology Professionals in terms of home size, income, home value, gender and age.

Who is an ideal customer for professional installation of home technology? It’s kind of an easy question to answer for most custom integrators, whose inclination might be to respond something akin to: “A wealthy homeowner who is easy to get along with, follows all my suggestions and pays quickly.”

But how do you actually find that person with those admittedly desirable traits?

Well, for the first time, CE Pro, working with its sister publication Electronic House, has conducted a broad survey with more than 5,000 consumers trying to identify the key demographic information that distinguishes a person who wants professional assistance with their home technology needs vs. someone who wants to do it on his or her own. You might be surprised by the results that will stir assumptions you might have regarding age, income, home size, home value and equipment desires.

For example, the typical person who wants to “install it himself” is actually older than someone who seeks out professional installation.

Download this free PDF for the full details and more surprises.