What is the Future of Interface?

SMARTPHONES, WEARABLES, VOICE AND GESTURE CONTROL vie for marketshare amid entrenched touchpanels and keypads. Industry insiders weigh pros and cons of each.

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The most important part of any home technology system is its interface. If a user is confused on how to operate his lighting, music, television, alarm system or shades, the chances are he or she will discontinue using those home technologies. And, even worse, they will inform all of their friends that home automation is a waste of time and money.

So, integrators who provide a poor interface for their clients are hurting themselves and the entire industry in the future. But fortunately, new interfaces are making home automation interaction even more exciting and more frequent than ever. From touchpanels to voice control and even gesture control, interfaces are front and center for consumers. 

In this free downloadable white paper, industry professionals discuss the pros and cons of various technologies and the future of the human interface.

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