Understanding How High Definition Wireless Audio Systems Work

In an increasingly wireless world, hardwired home audio systems are one
of the last holdouts; but not any longer. Developments in wireless audio
technology have brought much improved audio fidelity with low or no
interference to this simpler-to-install alternative. For integrators, it means the
potential to create a superior surround sound home theater experience with
reduced labor man-hours while still satisfying your clients’ requirements for a
premium home theater installation.

This free downloadable technical White Paper from the Wireless Speaker
and Audio (WiSA™) Association outlines the frequency spectrum that allows
a high-quality, interference-free wireless audio system to work, an overview
of the sample rate, why compression isn’t needed, error detection and
correction technology, speaker-to-speaker delay, and low latency required
to maintain a high-fidelity wireless setup. The White Paper also reviews the
innovative mobile device and the on-screen display control to ease set-up
and adjust the sweet spot on the fly, along with much more.

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