Understanding High-Resolution & Multi-room Wireless Audio Products

What you don’t know can kill you in the custom installation business. With multiroom wireless audio becoming a sizzling product category among consumers, it’s imperative that integrators understand the various audio technologies and products on the market so they can offer an educated sales presentation to increasingly well-informed consumers.

At the same time the wireless audio is growing, so is the recognition by consumers about the varying degrees of audio quality in the marketplace. The days of earbuds and low-res files are being replaced by stylish, comfortable headphones and High Resolution Audio (HRA) music files that are even being pushed by famed musicians such as Neil Young.

In this CE Pro Advantage Series White Paper that is ideal for a sales team, you will learn the complete details on the various types of Master Quality Recording categories including bit rates and sources, as well as websites where HRA files are available for download.

Meanwhile, integrators are often making erroneous assumptions about multiroom wireless audio systems, which can adversely affect sales. In this White Paper, we briefly detail the three biggest mistakes integrators can make when they try to sell wireless audio. 

Lastly, we review 13 top-selling multiroom wireless audio systems targeted for the custom installation channel.

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