CE Pro 100 2009

The recession is finally hitting the industry’s highest-revenue integrators. Data for the 11th annual list shows installations down 5 percent, but revenue-per-employee is up. The largest custom installation companies in the industry are not coated in Teflon after all. After being insulated from the initial housing cycle downturn in 2007, the CE Pro 100 integration […]

May 04, 2009

Central Vacuum – Sweep in the Profits

No one’s going to say that central vacuum is the sexiest technology you can offer your clients. It isn’t – not by a longshot. But in a world of declining margins on A/V products, central vac provides a breath of fresh air to your revenue stream. Consumers like it because it cleans up their homes, […]

February 16, 2009

The Ultimate Guide to Flat Panel Mounts

Attachment sales are where it’s at, and there may not be anything more important than selling a mount to go along with a flat panel sale. Indeed, many integrators aren’t even selling the TVs anymore … just the mount (and cables) to go along with installation labor. That’s why it’s important for every integrator to […]

February 02, 2009

CEA TechHome Symbols For Blueprint Design and Technology Specification

TechHome Symbols offer a simple, yet powerful, way to communicate home technologies on architectural drawings. Standardized symbols allow architects, designers, builders, and electronic systems contractors (ESC) to share information, making home technology planning and design easy. Layouts designed with TechHome Symbols help minimize miscommunication among all parties involved by easily identifying the locations of installed […]

December 23, 2008