New Guide Educates Consumers on Which Smart Tech Amenities Boost Home Value

New free downloadable guide from Electronic House is designed for integrators to give to consumer prospects so they can learn about the latest smart home trends, and understand the value of hiring a pro vs. tackling it on their own.

For integrators, a little education among their clients can sometimes be a dangerous thing in terms of their knowledge of smart home technology. A homeowner might read one online blog and suddenly he is an expert and doesn’t need professional installation anymore.

That’s where a new guide from CE Pro’s sister publication Electronic House can come in handy. The guide, entitled, “How Smart Technologies Help Homes Sell Faster (and for More Money)”, explains in an unbiased voice exactly what is entailed to take on a smart home system installation on a DIY basis vs. using a CE pro. The guide also specifically covers which technologies have the highest value (versus perceived value) in a home and how new research supports the claim that smart homes sell faster and for more money than “dumb” residences.

Any homeowner in the market to sell his or her home, or simply looking to add value to their home (beyond just convenience) will be an ideal recipient of the guide.

Integrators can supply the free guide, which is sponsored by Lutron, to their customers to help them realize that home technologies are just as important as those granite countertops and hardwood floors they might be considering.

Using research from third parties such as Coldwell Banker, Better Homes & Gardens and Houzz, the guide runs through several home technologies, from lighting and shade control to security systems to HVAC and home automation. This comprehensive free download guide from Electronic House cites real research to describe the best technologies to have in a home to help make it sell faster and for a higher price.

The guide outlines the specific technologies Baby Boomers, GenXers or Millennials are looking for when they plan to sell (or buy) a home, and exactly how to find and hire a professional to install the technology.  The guide not only presents the evidence regarding the effects of technology features on home sales/purchases, but also details the most popular technologies to put in a home on the market. Lastly, it offers advice on specifically how to showcase the technology in a home for prospective buyers.

Download the free guide today and send it to your clients and prospects.

New Guide Educates Consumers on Which Smart Tech Amenities Boost Home Value