Go Beyond the Basic Audio Applications

Today's custom integrators and audio specialists have myriad ways in which to make sweet music for their customers. Sure, there are always the conventional two-channel stereo systems and multiroom audio systems that take advantage of architectural loudspeakers. But integrators have the power to take such systems beyond the typical installation.

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This whitepaper download explores a couple of interesting considerations for integrators who are tasked with delivering audio goodness. First, we take a look at the state of networked audio, meaning music that is sourced from the likes of network attached storage (NAS) drives, which can hold terabytes' worth of tunes these days without breaking budgets. Another plus is that enlisting media management solutions such as Meridian's Sooloos technology can provide users a slick way of navigating their stored and streamed song libraries.

While that type of setup provides a nice twist to the traditional high-performance stereo system, an additional angle to multiroom audio systems these days is bringing a zone or two outdoors. More of today's homeowners are looking to expand their distributed audio capabilities, and the logical next step is to step outside. Our second article takes a look at a different perspective for zoned outdoors audio, in which an installer may take a page from the pro AV playbook of implementing a mono setup. Think about when you go to a concert and stand near one of the speakers — you still hear everything the band is playing, because their whole sound needs to be everywhere rather than left/right stereo; same can apply to outdoors so everyone, even in different areas of a backyard (patio, by the pool, near the garden), gets to enjoy the music. 

So think outside the typical audio installation box and learn some of the ins and outs of filling homes with different flavors of high-performance audio. Boost your sales and bring smiles to your music-loving customers.

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