Blueprint for Boosting Your Audio Business

There’s a ton of technology solutions competing for your project dollars, and the good news is perhaps there’s never been a better time to prioritize audio sales (and upsales).

The smart home, Internet of Things, 4K video and other technologies provide some buzzworthy areas to help hook potential customers into your showroom. But don’t forget that you can make a huge impact on your clients by delivering a visceral experience that they will want to have recreated in their home on a daily basis … through the ultimate sound systems you install.

For many, the custom A/V industry career began as a hobby around a passion for music. Great audio can bring about a powerful emotional response, and custom integrators are in the wonderful position of being the ones to deliver this, but it takes more skill than you might think. Fortunately there are plenty of tools in your audio sales arsenal, which we’ve outlined in this “Blueprint for Boosting Your Audio Business” whitepaper.

Within this download you’ll gain serious sales advice for understanding how to approach stereo demos, why you need to take a second look at your offerings, how you can tailor your showroom tour, why you should re-evaluate and train your sales team and more. You’ll also hear from custom integrators who are successfully implementing such ideas and raising their audio game.

On the technology side of things, a second article in the whitepaper explores the latest features and trends in a category that has cemented itself as indispensable for selling audio: soundbars. In tandem with floorstanding loudspeakers and components, architectural loudspeakers for other rooms in the house, outdoor audio and more, the soundbar category can help round out your full slate of audio wares to seal more deals. 

Blueprint for Boosting Your Audio Business