65 Apps/Software to Boost Efficiency by up to 70%

Integrators share 9 pieces of advice for selecting software and 65 different software systems/single-purpose apps that they use in the office and the field to boost efficiency as much as 70%.

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Is there a single piece of business software that is the Holy Grail to run your operation efficiently? Maybe. One thing is certain, before you can adopt any software you must have your operations in place first, then find a core piece of software to build around.  Also, does it help to work with fewer software vendors? Some dealers espouse that tactic.

CE Pro has compiled a list of nine considerations for integrators in regards to software selection. In addition, we have a list of 65 pieces of software espoused by various integrators with brief descriptions of what they do. As the “Most Interesting Man in the World” from the Dos Equis beer commercials would say, “Choose wisely my friends.”

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