2015 CEDIA Scoop

IF THE TRADE SHOW did not exist, would the products even exist?” Years ago, I recall a veteran president of an established consumer electronics manufacturing company asking that proverbial “chicken or the egg” question to a group of reps and integrators leading up to the CEDIA Expo.

His rhetorical question was meant to point out how vitally important the trade show is to pushing forward the development of the company’s new products. His contention was that if the R&D, Sales & Marketing and Engineer teams for manufacturers don’t have a hard deadline on the calendar for the show, products would be perpetually in limbo and perennial vaporware. For integrators, CEDIA Expo is equally as important, not just from a products standpoint but also from a business perspective. This is the event where you realize “you are not alone” in terms of the challenges and opportunities confronting your business. Your peers face the dilemmas of maintaining cash flow, honing operational efficiency, finding qualified employees, etc. CEDIA Expo is a giant therapy group where you can share advice with your peers. The association also has a slate of 117 educational sessions on tap.
Remember, this is our industry show… support it!

In this special CEDIA Scoop, we are highlighting some of the key educational sessions, showing many of the new product introductions, and revealing some great ways to “attack the show” to make the most of your time in Dallas. Download this document to get the 2015 CEDIA scoop.