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Salez Toolz Company Profile

Salez Toolz makes bidding a job and closing the sale fast and easy for sales people at all knowledge levels. Most salespeople constantly struggle to get a bid out to the customer and when they finally do, they typically hear either it’s too expensive or worse no response at all. With Salez Toolz customers are given a list of options that include a picture, price and description. Additionally products are shown as packages rather than a shopping list which gives the customer a better idea of the total price and keeps your pricing from being incorrectly compared to the web or other competitors. Customers feel in control because they can better understand the technology, their options and the associated price. Testimonials say that customers often select more than they would have proposed eliminating the guessing we all do when we’re back at the office. Once they arrive at their final budget, your customer can sign and deposit right on the iPad. The PC/MAC version is also available for having meetings on-line, in a conference room, and on your showroom floor. Use technology to sell technology and save yourself hours and days in the sales process. Salez Toolz will increase your sales by taking full advantage of every opportunity.

About Salez Toolz

4691 S. Palacio Way
Gold Canyon, Arizona
United States of America
P: 800-978-6650
F: 480-288-5237

In the News

Protection by Design in Williamsburg, Va., says the speed and interactivity of new Salez Toolz APEX software enabled the company to close 1,200 projects so far in 2015. CE Pro spoke with the two principals of Abacus Prime,...

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Abacus Prime LLC announces the release of its sales intelligence software Salez Toolz APEX the first week of December.

Abacus Prime, the developer of the sales intelligence software Salez Toolz, is very pleased to announce that its Salez Toolz APEX has won CE Pro’s Best Award 2014 for software application. The software was chosen as...

Salez Toolz™ will be debuting their first release of APEXTM at this year’s CEDIA. “Our Sales Intelligence Software sets a new standard in how contractors present and sell technology. Users tell us that...

Salez Toolz is ramping up its PRO-Services Group by adding new staff to meet growing demand.