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MartinLogan - Founded in 1983, MartinLogan designs and manufactures critically acclaimed electrostatic loudspeakers for stereo and home theater use. MartinLogan produces floor standing loudspeakers, home theater loudspeakers, stereo loudspeakers, subwoofers, in-ceiling loudspeakers, and in-wall loudspeakers.

About MartinLogan

2101 Delaware St
Lawrence, Kansas
United States of America

In the News

Fashionable designs make these stylized loudspeakers works of art from Once Music, Stein Music Pro, Avantgarde Acoustic, MartinLogan, Cabasse, Doacoustics, AQ, and Odeon Audio. Which ones would you sell?

Original owner Scott Bagby, along with John Bagby, have secured 100% ownership interest in 3 audio brands.

High End 2019 in Munich, Germany to showcase Persona speakers from Paradigm, power amplifier from Anthem, and Neolith speakers from Martin Logan.

With an MSRP of $3,995 per pair, MartinLogan’s ESL-X loudspeaker features the company’s proprietary take on a technology that is decades old.

The latest MartinLogan subs provide value through the inclusion of features that include room equalization, wireless connectivity and efficient Class D amplifier designs.

Sound rooms and other booths at the San Diego Convention Center rocked with options for your next A/V media room or home theater project. We heard great things from MartinLogan, Pro Audio Technology, RBH Sound, Harman,...

MartinLogan eliminates online retailer deals, including Opts for distribution model with integrators, A/V retailers, selected online etailers.