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Atlantic Technology Company Profile

We’re different! Unlike most speaker companies that package together five random speakers and a subwoofer and call it a matched Home Theater System, we design, engineer, and build integrated multi-channel speaker systems.

About Atlantic Technology

343 Vanderbilt Ave
Norwood, Massachusetts
United States of America
P: 781-762-6300
F: 781-762-6868

In the News

The SKAA-compliant FS-252 bookshelf speakers the first in a new range of high-performance wireless products from Atlantic Technology.

Now that we have at least three good immersive audio platforms -- Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro-3D -- there's no excuse for a good home theater to skip object-oriented sound. Here are 16 components to choose from.

The small-footprint subwoofer from Atlantic Technoloy features a priority auto-sensing circuit (PAS) that streamlines its operation a primary system product or as a solution piece within a whole-house audio system.

The versatile 3.1 HSB soundbar can be used in a variety of manners to deliver robust and articulate sound for both music and A/V content.

Atlantic Technology's latest speaker, the 3.1 HSB pedestal soundbar, will complement a A/V systems in any number of home installation environments.

CE Pro senior editor Robert Archer reviewed Atlantic Technology’s 44-DA and found the speakers are a great way to deliver Dolby’s Atmos format without burdening homeowners with the decision of having to invest a...

When the public thinks of home theater, they envision enveloping sound that includes deep bass. Here are subwoofer demo recommendations that live up to the public’s expectations.