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IWBI’s WELL for Residential Program Finally Has Its Global Launch

The much applauded commercial standard for health and wellness in the building industry has now been adapted to provide its own set of framework in developing residential housing.


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2024 Health and Wellness Tech Report

Solutions Abound for Integrators to Embrace Health & Wellness Tech.

Download our report today to see how Health & Wellness Tech is being embraced.


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See Racks Clearly with Middle Atlantic’s LT Series Rackmount LED Work Light

Put the flashlight down. Installers can more clearly see the work spaces within racks with Middle Atlantic's LED Work Light, which is flexible in mounting and positioning.

Nov 30, 2016

Wireless Music Streaming Platform Naim Uniti Can Play, Rip and Store

Uniti by Naim includes the reference audiophile Uniti Nova, the multi-functional CD operating Uniti Star and the compact but powerful Uniti Atom.

Nov 29, 2016

Having a Beer with CE Pro: WAVE Talks about Equipment Margin, Labor Crunch

WAVE Electronics VP Ainslie Fukuda discusses how the distributor is helping integrators maximize their equipment margin, improve their efficiency in the field and find qualified labor.

Nov 29, 2016

Cost-Saving Acoustically Transparent TAM-1T Screen Uses Enlightor-4K Fabric

Seymour-Screen Excellence says its new TAM-1T acoustically transparent filmscreen utilizes a single motorized masking system and is 30 percent less expensive than its earlier version.

Nov 28, 2016

Sony Invests in Immersive Audio, Simulates Home Theater with Mix Stage

Sony Pictures Post Production Services' new dub stage is equipped to master feature film and TV in Dolby Atmos, Auro-3D and other immersive sound formats.

Nov 25, 2016

HDMI Corner: Will a Fiber Future Unfold for HDMI?

Fiber, copper or a hybrid? Nine times out of 10, fiber’s performance will surpass copper by a huge margin. DPL Labs' Jeff Boccaccio spells out some bacis factors when it comes to running fiber.

Nov 25, 2016