ZeeVee Offers Mac Version of Zinc Web Browser

It also announces an RSS feed compatibility that helps gather Web video content for living room viewing.

ZeeVee Offers Mac Version of Zinc Web Browser
Beta 3 version of ZeeVee's Zinc Internet video browser
Tom LeBlanc · June 3, 2009

ZeeVee, which released the Beta 3 version of its Zinc Internet video browser in March, announces a Macintosh version of it.

Zinc, formerly called Zviewer, is designed to help viewers easily navigate Web content on a TV through a single, user-friendly interface that an be operated with a remote.

It has been well-received, according ZeeVee, thanks to its “highly intuitive interface, substantial content library and ability for a user to browse anywhere on the Web for additional content.”

The Apple Macintosh version of Zinc offers all the same features and is compatible with Intel-based machines that are running Mac OS X 10.5 (Leapard).

“The Mac community is very important to us, especially since they tend to be very media savvy,” says ZeeVee co-founder and CEO Vic Odryna.

ZeeVee also announces an RSS feed capability. “Because Zinc uses a full Web browser interface, users can explore the entire Web, and easily add any video content through [RSS] feeds,” the company writes in a press release.

The content is then automatically formatted for ZeeVee viewing. The company also added capabilities that allow users to control the playback of that content using a standard remote control.

“Until now, ZeeVee decided what content to include in Zinc, and performed all of the organization and presentation of that content. Content owners and users can now expand Zinc at will,” Odryna says.

“Recently, Boxee announced it was able to create a special plug-in for White House video feeds in just four hours using their new application programming interface (API). A Zinc user can accomplish the same task in minutes without requiring any programming by simply browsing to the White House Web site with Zinc, and adding the already existing feed to their Zinc Favorites tab.”

If content developers want to create RSS feeds, ZeeVee has a tutorial for that.

The download of ZeeVee’s Apple Macintosh version of Zinc and the original version of Zinc are free here.

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