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XJ-300FR + Q10B Powered Tactile Transducer Package

“XJ-300FR + Q10B = Gamers & Home Theater Applications”.

CE Pro Editors · November 19, 2012

Earthquake Sound Corp., a leading manufacturer of audio products, proudly offers gamers and home theater enthusiasts a first class entertainment package. The powerful combination of Q10B tactile transducer and the XJ-300FR amplifier can easily be described as: the ultimate experience when playing games and watching movies, a “true live” experience.

The XJ-300 FR is a very compact size powerful amplifier capable of driving the Q10B transducer well into its highest performance. Built with a low pass filter and music sensing technology, the XJ-300FR easily integrates into any existing system. This tiny foot print amplifier can be wall mounted, rack mounted, or conveniently placed as needed.

The Q10B Shaker delivers outstanding “true-to-live” effects in any platform, while accurately reproducing the feeling of many natural and man-made sounds. The Q10B system elevates gaming immersion and movie watching to new levels, delivering high impact energy far beyond any expectations. Home theater and gaming enthusiasts will experience live action as if they were partaking in it.

The Q10B is used in theaters, home theaters, recording studios, amusement parks, gaming and music applications. It is designed to efficiently handle high power, and is built tough to last. Together, the XJ-300FR & Q10B present gamers & movie watchers with a major advantage: experiencing games and movie effects as they were meant to be.

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XJ-300FR MSRP: $550.00 each
Q10B MSRP: $599.00 each

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Fax: (510) 732-1095

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