Wireless Thermostat Controls for Mattresses?

Chili Technology's wireless temperature controlled mattresses ($3,699) and mattress pads ($999) that heat and cool water via thermostat. Can CE pros sell these?

The ChiliBed has no wires in or on top of the bed that can generate a magnetic field. The control unit averages less than 80W of energy use.
Jason Knott · September 26, 2012

What will they think of next? CE pros have already designed/sold automation systems for batcave home theaters, dog poop prevention systems and massage chairs.

So why not a thermostat-controlled bed?

From the same family that invented the waterbed in the 1960s comes the ChiliPad and ChiliBed wirelessly controlled mattress pads and mattresses.

The ChiliPad and ChiliBed from Chili Technology use a water circulation system to regulate the temperature of the sleeping surface in either single or dual zones. The control unit heats or cools regular water to a set temperature and circulates it through the pad or mattress, generally achieving temperatures between 55 degrees and 110 degrees F on the bed surface.

The units are being marketed as “a dream come true for restless sleepers.”

The dual zone ChiliPad and ChiliBed have independent controls, allowing couples to set and adjust individual sleep temperatures with a wireless remote control. Chili Technology markets its product line as offering “pain relief for those suffering from menopause, night sweats, aching muscles, injuries, arthritis, osteoporosis and other health conditions.”

The ChiliBed includes a water circulation system into a line of premium quality mattresses, using a specially formulated TempXL memory foam that maintains its firmness and feel across a broad temperature range. Regarding health concerns of typical electric blankets on the market, the units have no wires in or on top of the bed that can generate a magnetic field. The control unit averages less than 80W of energy use.

“Customers so far tell us that our mattress products are life changing for them,” says Chili Technology president Todd Youngblood, whose uncle Charles Hall is credited with inventing the waterbed. “We live in a sleep-deprived world these days, and therefore have to maximize the quality of our sleep.  By sleeping at the right temperature the body actually spends more time in the deep recuperative cycles of sleep.”

The ChiliPad ranges in price from $399 for a Single to $999 for a dual zone King. The ChiliBed mattresses are available in 8-, 10- and 12-inch models and range in price from $1,699 for a single zone twin mattress to $3,999 for dual zone King size.

Youngblood says the wireless technology in use is proprietary. “Right now it is operated on RF with proprietary software,” he says. “We are working on future versions that can integrate, but currently it is set up as a standalone system.”

It’s certainly a niche market. Do you think you can sell these to your clients?

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