Who The Heck is Monster’s New Storage Partner SDJ?

Monster Cable is licensing the new Monster Digital brand to SDJ Technologies, apparently a "leading innovator" of flash memory. But we can't find SDJ or CEO Jay Tandon anywhere.

Who The Heck is Monster’s New Storage Partner SDJ?
This is just a really bad Photoshopped image because we couldn't manage to find any flash memory products from the elusive SDJ Technologies. We suspect the real Monster Digital flash memory products will be much prettier.
Julie Jacobson · November 2, 2011

After its successful run with Beats by Dr. Dre headphones, Monster Cable is licensing its brand again—this time to a company called SDJ Technologies, apparently “a leading innovator, developer and manufacturer of high-performance Flash Memory Storage devices,” according to Monster’s press release (next page).

But the company is nowhere to be found online—zippo nada—except in association with today’s announcement by Monster.

Strange, isn’t it?

According to the “long-term licensing agreement,” a new brand called Monster Digital will be created for a line of new storage products offered by SDJ. It’s a fabulous brand.

Bearing the familiar Monster imprimatur, the products will enjoy “the full weight of our Monster brand, including our retail distribution network, training, marketing and customer service resources, all to ensure that the consumer experience will be seamless, and people will know they are purchasing a premium quality ‘Monsterous’ product.”

It’s a great business model for a brand maker like Monster, and the flash memory category fits nicely with the big M portfolio. Perhaps we’ll find out if a hip brand can bring some margin back to memory cards.

But we were just wondering: Who the heck is this SDJ? The company evidently is based in the Simi Valley area, but Monster provides no other details about this “great company and innovator in memory storage,” and darned if we can find any reference to them online.

SDJ CEO Jay Tandon was quoted in the press release but, again, a Google search of “Jay Tandon”+SDJ yields nothing.

That leads me to wonder if SDJ is a mash-up of Sandisk (also located in Simi Valley) and Jay.

UPDATE: Well, we did manage to find Jay Tandon online. We assume it’s the same Jawahar L. “Jay” Tandon mentioned in this 1993 LA Times article about the demise of Tandon Corp. That is the same company that the LA Times in 1994 called a “once high-flying Simi Valley computer maker.”

Jay Tandon went on to found Golden Systems, an OEM supplier of battery packs for PCs.

And then there’s this from Linkedin:

As of February 29, 1988, Tandon Corporation was acquired by Western Digital Corp. Tandon Corporation manufactures two compatible memory-oriented product lines including magnetic ‘read-write heads’ in floppy disk drives and 5 1/4’ disk drives. The company is based in Moor Park, California.

The LA Times followed up with this article in May 1988: Western Digital Bought Patent Problems When It Acquired [Tandon] Hard Disk Operation.”

Indeed the Tandon name is associated with some pretty large ventures in the past—tapping low-cost labor in India and elsewhere—even if those ventures fell on hard times. Perhaps Monster will make Tandon and SDJ household names like it did with Beats.

See Monster Digital press release, next page.

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