VidaBox RackServer Offers 1-Step Archiving

The 4U tall system starts with 2TB of storage and is upgradable to 7TB.

VidaBox RackServer Offers 1-Step Archiving
VidaBox RackServer
Steve Crowe · November 5, 2008

VidaBox has introduced its new RackServer and RackClient v2 media extender.

The RackServer is a 4U tall, 20-inch deep system that is based on Windows Home Server. It’s designed to operate “headlessly” with no keyboard or monitor.

It also features “1-step archiving,” a process that automatically archives an unencrypted CD, DVD or Blu-ray disc after it’s inserted into the system.

The RackServer can copy up to five discs at once when used with up to 2 VidaBox RoomDisc Drive Extenders.

“Most media servers and extenders have a menu-driven, 3 or more step archiving process,” says VidaBox president Steven Cheung.

“By building in a simple 1-step process into the RackServer, it’s easier than ever to back up your entire collection. Best of all, anything stored on the system is directly accessible across the internet via its built-in Web server.”

RackServers start with 2.0TB of storage and are upgradable to 7.0TB in a single chassis. It offers RAID5 protection and has an option to connect to a RackServer+Plus expansion unit to store up to 16.0TB.

RackServer comes with Barracuda ES.2 drives from Seagate Technology. The RackServer is now available.

RackClient v2

RackClient v2 is the first rack-mountable VidaBox media extender that supports both native 1080p playback and 7.1 lossless audio over HDMI.

Available in a 2U tall chassis, this 20-inch deep unit provides streaming for unencrypted Blu-ray discs, DVDs, music, pictures, and other digital media.

Other features include:

  • A Blu-ray drive option
  • Optional field serviceable hard drive
  • Pre-configured for plug-n-play installation with RackServer systems
  • Compatibility with VidaBox’s vAutomation platform

“The biggest difference that the RackClient v2 offers over our other extenders is lossless audio support,” says Cheung.

“Like the RoomClientHD, the RackClientv2 sports a native HDMI output that provides LPCM audio, allowing an end user to experience true, uncompressed HD quality audio from DTS-HD, Dolby TrueHD, and DTS-MA formats.”

The RackClient v2 is also now shipping.

VidaBox RackClient v2

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