How to Make Money on Digital Content

CE Pro webinar examines how to reach new customers and sell more products around streaming media like Hulu, Netflix, Sirius/XM and Google TV.

CE Pro Editors · July 14, 2010

Does this sound familiar: “My customers don’t care about Hulu, streaming Netflix, Internet Radio or Google TV. They would rather own the physical Blu-ray disc.”

That may be true ... for now. Industry pundits estimate the lifespan of the Blu-ray disc is only about eight more years. After that, it’s kaput. Pile them up with your giant LaserDiscs.  Everything will be streaming media. Now is the time for integrators to educate themselves and be the leaders in this space for their clients (and for their GenX and Gen Y future clients).

Integrators who don’t “believe” in streaming media and TV-based apps may be missing important new opportunities for both ordinary and super-discriminating customers.

Digital content provides your customers with attractive options to view movies and television shows across a broad range of media, offering more choice and convenient access to a wide variety of content.

The July CE Pro Executive Conference Series webinar, Streaming Profits: How to Make Money on Digital Content, moderated by CE Pro editor-at-large Julie Jacobson, will give an overview of digital content, including services available, software and hardware.

Other topics will include how you can reach new customers, sell more products, and provide better services through your expertise in digital content, integrating streaming media with CE devices and controllers, successful demonstration techniques, and tips on using content to sell more TVs, audio and control systems. 

The Webinar takes place July 28 at 2 p.m. EDT. Click here to learn more and sign up.

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