URC’s Commercial Manager Will Answer Your Questions

Submit your questions. We’ll choose the best and ask Jamie Finnegan, URC’s commercial division national sales manager.

URC’s Commercial Manager Will Answer Your Questions
Submit questions for URC's commercial chief, Jamie Finnegan.
Tom LeBlanc · October 22, 2010

Got a question about the commercial electronics integration market?

No matter what’s on your mind, Jamie Finnegan, URC’s commercial division national sales manager, has agreed to take no-holds-barred questions from the commercial integrator community.

EH Publishing is launching Commercial Integrator, a magazine and website for the commercial electronics market. launches in December 2010, but we’re giving CE Pro readers a head start on submitting questions for URC.

Here’s how it will work: Post your question(s) in the comments section. We’ll pick the best five or so questions and ask them to Finnegan.

The answers (and possibly video of the interview) will be posted on Commercial Integrator in December.

Ground rules: Include your name, company and location with your question. If you aren’t already registered with CE Pro, you’ll have to do so. Don’t worry, it doesn’t take long.

The deadline to submit questions is Nov. 15 at 8 a.m. Eastern.

The questions should focus on commercial-related topics. Remember, only the best will be chosen. The goal is for Finnegan to address issues that concern you.

So what’s concerning you? Submit your questions for URC’s commercial manager.

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