Tiny Device Offers Locking RJ45 Field Terminations without Snag

NTW Group's Snagless net-Locks enable technicians to pull an already terminated RJ-45 jack more easily through conduit, raceways or other high-density areas without snagging.

Tiny Device Offers Locking RJ45 Field Terminations without Snag
Jason Knott · January 25, 2013

The old adage is that the best gifts sometimes come in small packages. That might be the case for the NTW Group‘s Universal and EZ-RJ45 Snagless net-Locks, which come in very, very small plastic bags.

NTW (Networking the World) Group is a Dayton, N.J.-based manufacturer that is a division of Archtech Electronics Group, a prominent OEM manufacturer that recently expanded its channel market with a full-range catalog of products ranging from HDMI cables to switchers.

But one of its slickest little doo-dads is the Universal Snagless net-Lock and Snagless net-Lock for Universal and EZRJ45, which are part of its net-Lock line of products for copper and fiber designed to lock cables in place to reduce the risk of inadvertent disconnects. The introduction of the Snagless net-Lock Universal and Snagless net-Lock for EZRJ45 effectively expands the accessibility and flexibility of deploying a locking RJ45 system.

The purpose of a snagless slim-line boot is to improve ease running cables through conduit, tight spaces while remaining highly versatile in high-density patching terminals. EZ-RJ45 plugs are frequently employed on site due to their ease of termination. The introduction of the Snagless net-Lock Universal and EZRJ45 Strain Relief creates a synergy between the requirements of an easy and accurate termination with a ready-to-deploy locking system simply by inserting a locking tab.

“Downtime is costly but it’s even worse when it could have been avoided. The expanded net-Lock product line helps integrators and users deploy a proactive solution against accidental and intentional disconnects in a variety of ways that suits the individual’s application, environment and preference,” says George Tsao, director of sales and marketing.

NTW Group is currently setting up its custom distribution channel in the U.S.

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