The Value of Future-Proof Control and Automation

RTI’s multi-tiered approach to home automation provides limitless power and flexibility.

The Value of Future-Proof Control and Automation

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August 31, 2016

Smart home technology is moving fast — make sure your control system is prepared to keep up. Driven in large part by the proliferation of mobile device apps, the home automation industry is getting a lot of attention, but do these turnkey devices deliver a better experience? The number one question that needs to be raised when considering any control and automation system is: does it offer an intuitive experience that can grow and expand based on new devices, changing needs, and new technology trends? If the answer is no to any of these, the result will be an unsatisfied customer.

To deliver a superior user experience, RTI empowers integrators with a broad range of control and automation solutions that are incredibly powerful and easy to use. The RTI ecosystem provides a comprehensive, customizable system that can be expanded as needed and yet is surprisingly affordable to consumers. 


Processing Power Built for Today, Ready for Tomorrow

The key components that make a satisfying home automation and control experience possible are RTI’s lineup of powerful control processors. The XP series of processors are the bridge between the user and their electronics that provide control and allow clients to continually add new devices and expand their systems to new areas of the home. Starting with RTI’s XP-3 control processor, this processor offers budget-friendly two-way control and support for nearly all RTI user interfaces including the RTiPanel app. Rivaling central processors at twice the price, the XP-6 processor features even more control options and support for every RTI interface. For large-scale and more complex projects, the XP-8s is a high-end processor built for total environment automation with an abundance of control options.

All of the XP processors enable bi-directional communication with supported third-party devices such as music servers, security, lighting, and HVAC systems, providing a nearly unlimited arsenal of control capabilities. Providing true hands-free operation, these powerhouses also incorporate an astronomical clock and voltage sensing for event-based automation. As a user’s system changes and grows over time, so too can the capabilities of any XP series processor by simply adding Ethernet-based expansion modules or more processors.

Reaching Forward…and Back

Utilizing pre-written two-way software drivers, these XP processors seamlessly integrate audio, video, utility, and security components. However, with all of this power, these processors still provide basic IR control for those legacy devices that a client may not want to replace such as a TV or satellite box. On the opposite end of the spectrum, RTI continues to add to its range of products and support, including the latest and most popular technologies such as Z-Wave. With a continuously growing two-way driver library, the door is open to repeat business built around powerful integration — now and into the future.


Intuitive Control for Every Space

In the world of automation today, having app-based control is absolutely necessary. To that end, RTI provides homeowners with complete control via software apps for Apple® and Android™ devices, and PCs. RTI also offers an expansive lineup of wireless control interfaces, from affordable hard-button remote controls, up to the fully featured T2x and T3x touchscreen models. RTI also offers equally impressive wired interfaces, from basic all-button keypads to the innovative KX10 10-inch in-wall touchpanel with HD video viewing and intercom support. All of these interfaces have the unique ability to be custom programmed to fit the needs of each client and project.


Gratifying Experience

As consumers explore the smart-home experience, the advantages provided by RTI’s control and automation products are clear. These solutions offer the versatility and functionality that will live on past temporary novelty. With RTI products and programming support, integrators will be well equipped to offer services and solutions that allow users to continuously grow and expand their electronic lifestyles.

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