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The GreenWave Reality IPv6 Connected Lighting Solution Employs 6LoWPAN

Each IP-enabled light bulb includes a wireless antenna that allows for high-quality, reliable communication between the bulbs via a wireless network.

The GreenWave Reality IPv6 Connected Lighting Solution Employs 6LoWPAN
CE Pro Editors · January 11, 2013

The GreenWave Reality Connected Lighting Solution, which is part of the GreenWave Reality Smart Home Platform, consists of high-quality, connected LED bulbs, a hand-held remote controller, and an optional Gateway that allows for complete remote lighting control. The LED bulbs are Energy Star Certified controllable replacement lamps and are manufactured to the highest quality standards so that the light quality is very similar to incandescent bulbs (in both brightness and color), and consume about 80% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. The high-quality LED bulb delivers a pleasing, warm light rated at 2700°K that is directly comparable to the incandescent bulb.

• Energy Star Connected bulbs are eligible for utility rebates
• Handheld remote allows for control of lighting without Cloud-services
• Adding the Gateway provides powerful Smart Controls and remote access
• Consumers can set lights to automatically come on at dusk and go off at dawn
• NXP’s JenNet-IP technology eliminates any delays in controlling the bulbs and can support up to 500 bulbs in a single network

By simply screwing in the bulbs, consumers can immediately begin to control their lights. The solution comes pre-configured with “home,” “away” and “night” Smart Controls. For example, before bed, consumers can simply press the “night” Smart Control to turn off all lights, eliminating the need to go from room to room to turn lights off. Consumers can also create their own custom Smart Controls to fit their lifestyle, such as having outdoor lights automatically come on at dusk and turn off at dawn, and even integrating with motion sensors to automatically turn lights on or off when entering or exiting a room. For added convenience and safety, the solution is “light switch friendly,” meaning that existing wall switches will still turn the lights on or off in all circumstances.

What sets the GreenWave Reality Connected Lighting Solution apart is that each light bulb includes a wireless antenna that allows for high-quality, reliable communication between the bulbs via a wireless network, even in narrow spaces such as a recessed lighting can. To increase the effectiveness of the in-home lighting network, the technology creates a mesh network between the bulbs to strengthen the range of the network and provide an extremely high level of reliability. This wireless mesh network that is at the center of the Connected Lighting Platform allows for a scalable, fully integrated solution that can support up to 500 bulbs.

GreenWave Reality Connected Lighting ecosystem

The Connected Lighting Solution can be used on its own, or in conjunction with the existing GreenWave Reality Smart Home Platform. Currently deployed at leading utility and service provider partners, the Smart Home Platform allows consumers to easily monitor and control their appliances and heating/cooling systems in the home. Advanced features like interactive coaching, energy budgeting, Smart Controls, and usage alerts all lead to helping consumers reduce wasted energy. The GreenWave Reality end-to-end solution is built on a highly-scalable, secure IP-based network platform that connects all of these devices into an IP ecosystem, creating the foundation for the “Internet of Things.”

The GreenWave Reality Connected Lighting Solution supports NXP’s JenNet-IP smart lighting solution, the industry’s most advanced IPv6-based 6LoWPAN stack. NXP’s JenNet-IP is a lightweight stack that makes the network secure, the development of the bulbs cost-efficient, and enables inclusion of the platform in the emerging “Internet of things.” JenNet-IP operates on channels other than those of common Wi-Fi networks to avoid interference. Adherence to the 6LoWPAN standard also makes the platform IPv6-compliant, and allows the solution to scale to billions of Internet-connected devices.

The combination of high-quality, energy efficient, low-cost hardware devices and intuitive user interfaces provide users with a system that is easy to set-up, simple to configure, and effortless to manage. Additionally, this highly affordable solution empowers users to control their in-home lighting to improve their lifestyle, reduce lighting and energy costs, and make a positive impact on the environment and future generations.

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