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Speco Offers Audio Design Support

Speco's new Audio Project Design Service was started by the N.Y.-based company to help dealers save money by expediting the system design process.

Speco Offers Audio Design Support
The N.Y.-based electronics company Speco Technologies is now supporting dealers with a service that helps eliminate the guesswork in specifying audio system installations.
CE Pro Editors · November 12, 2012

Speco Technologies has launched a new audio initiative to help dealers ensure the value and performance of their installed audio systems. The Amityville, N.Y.-based company’s new Audio Project Design Service was started with the goal of saving dealers, installers and distributors time and money by transferring the cumbersome process of product selection and initial design to the manufacturer.

To utilize the service Speco says that a user needs to complete a brief form with details on their audio project. One of its on-staff experts will then follow up to provide a complete product listing of everything needed for a successful installation, and the support response could include everything from product quantities, descriptions and layout tips, to technical assistance on how to install and wire systems.

“We have people on staff with decades of audio installation experience, so it was an easy decision to share that expertise with customers.  Our goal is to make their lives easier and to help make an impact on their bottom line by taking some of the preliminary legwork out of the audio installation process,” explains Scott Pisani, audio product manager, Speco Technologies.

The service is active now and available through this link. Speco says an entire job can be submitted in less than five minutes.  Speco adds a user just needs to provide the square footage of the job; information on the sources and the desired goal of the finished installation.  The inclusion of blueprints and drawings will expedite the process and Speco says those materials can be attached at during the initial submittal of job materials.

To order a Speco product catalog visit one of the company’s distribution partners or order it directly from Speco Technologies at 1-800-645-5516, or e-mail: [email protected].

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