Sony Reveals 4K Ultra HD Titles for TV Buyers: Mostly Classics

Sony announces feature films, including "Karate Kid", shipping free of charge with 4K Ultra HD displays. Companion "content delivery system" is a media server that won't accept online downloads.

Sony Reveals 4K Ultra HD Titles for TV Buyers: Mostly Classics
"Bridge on the River Kwai" is one of the 10 films -- some classics, some bad remakes -- shipping free of charge with Sony's 4K Ultra HD TV
Grant Clauser · November 29, 2012

CORRECTION: I was hasty in adding “Mostly Classics” to the title, seeing “River Kwai,” “Taxi Driver,” “Total Recall” and “Karate Kid” on the list. But on closer inspection the latter two titles are the remakes, and the rest are typical airline fare. - Julie Jacobson

A couple of weeks ago we reported that Sony was planning to bundle some 4K Ultra HD content along with the 84-inch 4K display (XBR-84X900) that began selling this week. Today, the company revealed the feature films—mostly classics plus a variety of bonus shorts—and the delivery system for the content.

The 4K delivery system is a hard-disc media server that Sony says can be updated with more content; however, don’t expect to download the new stuff from the Web.

Sony’s Ray Hartjen tells us, “Our white-glove service—Sony Concierge—will make arrangements with each customer and either 1) upgrade the server with additional content or 2) send the content in physical media form (BD-ROM) for the customer to upgrade personally.”

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Additionally, Sony notes that “more delivery solutions will continue to evolve rapidly, with further product and content announcements coming shortly.”

Both Sony and LG have 84-inch 4K TVs on the market, though Sony is the only company offering content along with the TV. The LG set is currently selling for $16,999 and the Sony for $24,999. Last year Sony launched a 4K home theater projector, but didn’t offer buyers any content.

The feature films included on the hard disc:

• The Amazing Spiderman
• Total Recall (2012)
• The Karate Kid (2010)
• Salt
• Battle Los Angeles
• The Other Guys
• Bad Teacher
• That’s My Boy
• Taxi Driver
• The Bridge on the River Kwai

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