Silly Patent: Couch with Remote Control

Earl Jansen Wiley thinks he can patent a couch that has a remote control embedded in the armrest.

Silly Patent: Couch with Remote Control
A fifth-grade science fair project or the next big thing in consumer electronics?
Julie Jacobson · November 14, 2012

As many noted in the recent Logitech remote control patent application, patents can be the darndest things.

Now comes Earl Jansen Wiley with his “Universal Remote Control Chair” that “includes a chair portion with an armrest to accommodate a user, an embedded remote control embedded in the armrest, one or more entertainment systems that are controlled by the embedded remote control and a communications eye.”

Are you kidding me?

It’s a couch. With a door for a remote.

The chair comprises

a sofa with a large amount of cushioning, said sofa includes an armrest to accommodate a user; an embedded remote control embedded in said armrest, said remote control includes a casing, a door, a plurality of number buttons, a plurality of volume and channel buttons, a plurality of universal buttons, a battery, a plurality of screws, a printed circuit board and one or more microchips to control and program said embedded remote control, said casing lights-up after pressing any said button, said door is a hinged door that is covered with a same material as said chair portion ….

Here’s more from patent application #20120280544:

“The casing …  is made of plastic or metal material or any other suitable material.”

“The battery … can be one or more batteries of any type such as AA batteries, AAA batteries, lithium batteries or any other suitable type of battery.”

“When guests are visiting the home of a user of the chair, the chair’s design makes it inconspicuous so the surroundings would not seem cluttered with multiple remotes….”

“The remote control chair would be well suited for a person who watches a lot of television and is a “couch potato” or for a person who only occasionally watches television.”

Somebody, please fix our patent system!

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