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Scariest Stories from Jobsites

Cutting into walls isn't just laborious for CE pros, it can be downright scary.

Tom LeBlanc · July 8, 2010

We have already shared some of the wacky stories from jobsites, but there also are plenty of scary encounters.

We asked CE pros to submit their scariest jobsite stories. It seems many an integrator have encountered mice and ghosts. Scary stuff.

If you have a scary story from a jobsite, please share it in our Forum.

Without further ado, here are your stories. Stay tuned next week for more scary stories.

Rodent Family

“I cut a 1-gang retro box into a ceiling and gently lowered the small rectangle down. On top of it was a dead mouse carcass. What’s the chance of that?”

- Derek Cowburn, DistinctAV, McCordsville, Ind.

“Dennis Nim, our lead installer in Orange County, was on his first installation six years ago. The new house had been completed about four months before and had been sitting vacant. We were asked to retrofit the house with audio and video.

“I showed Dennis how to use the stud finder to locate the wood behind the drywall and determine the optimum spot to cut an opening. He punched his drywall, saw through and began cutting.

“As he got the last cut, he used his other hand to hold up the 8-inch square while he balanced on the ladder. As he lowered the drywall down, six newborn, hairless, pink mice fell from the ceiling onto his head, with one falling inside his shirt. He let out quite an unmanly scream.

“At our Christmas party, Dennis received a gag gift of a small animal cage and some fur mice from Petco. And Dennis is still with us today, despite his first-day bad experience.”

- Russ Stover, Digitainment Home Audio & Video, San Marcos, Calif.

“A member of our team was removing a broken speaker when a bunch of acorns fell out of the hole. We take all broken equipment from our client’s houses for electronics recycling and as we were looking at the speaker, we noticed the wires were chewed apart on the speaker. The gross part - it was covered in squirrel poop! No wonder it wouldn’t work.”

- Jamie Briesemeister, Integration Controls, St. Louis, Mo.

Installation X-Files

“I was retrofitting a whole-house audio system in a 100-plus-year-old Victorian mansion in historic Colusa, Calif. The lady of the house said she was headed to town to run some errands. Sometime later I heard someone upstairs, a door closing and footsteps coming down the stairs.

“I stopped working and headed for the stairs to ask her a question. No one was there. I went back to the kitchen just in time to meet the lady coming in the back door.

“Apparently, the look on my face prompted her to ask if I’d heard their ghost. The whole family had heard or seen something unexplainable and learned to live with it.”

- Merle Landrus Audio/Video, Yuba City, Calif.

“We needed to run some wires in a wall adjacent to a laundry room. The fish tape sailed right through on the first try, but when we tried to pull the wires we couldn’t. What did come up on the end of the fish tape was an old tube sock from the 1970s.

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