Rosenthal: Five Home Automation Products I Want to Check out at CES 2015

CE Pro contributor and security/home automation veteran Avi Rosenthal shares five new products and companies he wants to explore at CES.

Rosenthal: Five Home Automation Products I Want to Check out at CES 2015
Eve by Elgato
Avi Rosenthal · January 2, 2015

As I reflect on 2014, it has been a truly incredible year for the Connected Home market.

We got started with the epic $3.2 billion acquisition of Nest by Google, and there were several other mergers, acquisitions and well-funded startups.

Kickstarter and Indiegogo have been flooded with ideas and concepts for how we will - or should - live in a connected home.

Major retailers including Lowe’s, Staples and Home Depot and to a lesser extent Best Buy launched or boosted their Connected Home initiatives and the world was introduced to Wink.

But as exciting as 2014 was, 2015 should prove to be even more earth shattering. As I look though the list of exhibitors at CES next week I am impressed with the sheer volume of vendors showing connected devices. Just three years ago, the number of exhibitors showing these types of devices could be counted on one hand.

I am looking forward to browsing through Eureka Park and the West Hall of the Sands to find the next great connected solution. Some people will try to tell you what to see or where to go at the show, but I have found in my many years of going to CES (more than 20) that you cannot predict the energy of the show or what you will find by wandering the halls.

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That is why I have packed my best walking shoes in great anticipation of what should be the best CES yet.

During my CES 2015 prep work for her highness Julie Jacobson, I found some new products and companies that I’ve recently discovered and plan to check out.

Sage by EchoStar (8143)
Read Julie’s story here. Nuff said.

Eve by Elgato (70837)
So long as this isn’t just a monitoring system that gathers information for your pleasure.

Glue (70450)
Hard to tell if this smart door lock is especially interesting, but it’s one of only a couple of door locks at CES that I’ve never heard of. (See the entire list here.)

iVideon (70029)
This Web camera service seems more interesting than most, providing cloud storage and local archiving, plus camera sharing for just $2 per camera per month. Plus the company claims 500,000 users worldwide and offices in 17 countries spanning the globe.

MyFox (71429)
What can I say? I’m a sucker for the French.

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