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Paradigm Home of the Year Audio and Loudspeakers Projects Showcase

Featuring six stunning smart home audio projects in this Paradigm showcase that reflect the amazing versatility of Paradigm’s broad range of loudspeakers and the creative ways in which they can be integrated into a home.

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For more than 30 years Paradigm has set the standard for sonic excellence in every product category we offer. Our focus on providing the best in performance and value...
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Music is a natural mood setter. Whether you need a lively tune to get through your household chores or a soft, easy melody to relax and unwind, music provides the perfect backdrop for all facets of your life at home. And what would a movie be without great audio? Your ears deserve to hear crisp, clear dialogue and dynamic, heart-pounding special effects coming through your speakers as you watch your favorite films.

For more than 30 years, Paradigm has been providing audiophiles, movie buffs, and casual listeners alike with superior loudspeakers that fuse design and technology into one awe-inspiring package. The six stunning smart home projects featured in this Paradigm showcase reflect the amazing versatility of Paradigm’s broad range of loudspeakers and the creative ways in which they can be integrated into a home.

You’ll see Paradigm speakers tucked seamlessly into ceilings and stationed elegantly on bookshelves. In the photos of other award-winning homes you’ll barely notice them as they blend in beautifully with the backyard landscape. And who can forget about the home theater. Paradigm speakers are featured here, as well, delivering the most advanced surround-sound formats to the enjoyment of its listeners.

You’ll notice that no two homes or entertainment areas are alike within this special Home of the Year showcase, and that speaks volumes of Paradigm’s commitment to providing a superior loudspeaker solution for all home environments, listening styles, and homeowner budgets.

Whether your goal is to blanket every corner of your house with background music, stream songs from your phone to a specific area, pick up on subtle nuances of a recording in a specially designed listening room, or become immersed in the action of a blockbuster movie in a dedicated home cinema, Paradigm offers the perfect loudspeakers.

Use the articles within this showcase to learn about the Paradigm possibilities and contact a qualified home systems integrator bring those ideas to fruition in your home.

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