Paradigm, Anthem and MartinLogan Demo Audio Products at High End 2019 Show

High End 2019 in Munich, Germany to showcase Persona speakers from Paradigm, power amplifier from Anthem, and Neolith speakers from Martin Logan.

Paradigm, Anthem and MartinLogan Demo Audio Products at High End 2019 Show
Featured at the upcoming High End 2019 show in Munich, Germany, will be the Persona 7F speakers from Paradigm.

Lisa Montgomery · May 3, 2019

For four days, from May 9-12, Paradigm, Anthem and MartinLogan—along with 500 audio companies from around the globe--will be showing some of their best audio product at High End 2019.

As exhibitors at one of the world’s largest audio expositions, the three companies will be showcasing some of their most revered products.

Paradigm, Anthem, and MartinLogan Demo Products

Paradigm Persona 7F

The Persona Series of speakers, Paradigm’s flagship lineup, is noted for its use of beryllium, a diaphragm material typically found in speakers at high price points.

Stiffer and lighter than other premium diaphragm materials, beryllium enables superior transient response with low audible coloration.

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Anthem STR Preamplifier

Also showcased will be the STR Preamplifier from Anthem, which offers a variety of connectivity options, advanced control, and automatic room equalization and bass management.

Features include USB audio input, leading-edge D/A conversion, MM and MC phono inputs, and balanced output for all channels including two subwoofers.

Its Home Theater Bypass function allows convenient operation when combined with a home theater system; it is engaged when the unit is in standby mode and supports two subwoofer as well as front-channel speakers.

The amp delivers 400 watts per channel, and each channel has a dedicated toroidal transformer and 16 bipolar output devices.

MartinLogan Neolith Loudspeakers

Lastly, MartinLogan will be featuring its Neolith loudspeakers at the show, which feature MartinLogan’s largest electrostatic radiating surface.

Neolith also features two substantial woofers: The front-firing 12-inch mid-bass woofer boasts a love moving mass relative to its size; on the bac of the Neolith is a 15-inch bass woofer playing beneath 60Hz.

The Neolith’s advanced topology Vojtko Crossover uses hand-selected components to optimize power handling.

MartinLogan will power the Neolith using a Pass Labs XP-22 preamplifier, XP-27 phono stage, and X600.8 amplifier.

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