Panamorph CineVista Lens System Creates 2.35:1 for $1,500

Panamorph's CineVista Lens System costs $1,500 and is designed to fill a 2.35:1 aspect ratio screen without loss of resolution.

Panamorph CineVista Lens System Creates 2.35:1 for $1,500
Grant Clauser · November 14, 2012

With all the attention being directed at Ultra HD, the format formerly known as 4K, it’s easy to forget ultra widescreen is one of the things that truly distinguishes a cinema experience.

Panamorph‘s new CineVista Lens System will make getting that experience easier and less costly as the $1,500 anamorphic lens system is designed to gloriously fill a 2.35:1 aspect ratio screen without loss of resolution.

Panamorph says CineVista overcomes the color fringing effect (lateral chromatic aberration) that can be found on some low-cost anamorphic lenses. Panamorph has partnered with home theater projector manufactures to adopt a new color correction technology that works in conjunction with the CineVista lens.

Panamorph calls the image processing ECC (electronic color correction), and it can currently be found on select projector models from Epson, JVC and Sony, with more coming.

CineVista is designed to work in a fixed configuration and not be removed for 16:9 viewing, meaning it does not require a motorized sled to move the lens in and out of place. Instead, users adjust the scaling mode in the projector to match the application.

For a list of compatible projectors and recommended settings, click here.

CineVista can be purchased with or without the lens bracket.

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