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Pakedge Debuts Networking Gear that Looks like A/V, IP Power, More

Networking gear rarely looks good alongside A/V gear in a rack, but Pakedge's WAP controllers and other new products are up to the aesthetic task. Plus, Pakedge shows first IP power distribution system and more.

Pakedge Debuts Networking Gear that Looks like A/V, IP Power, More
Joe Whitaker · September 10, 2012

Pakedge, a leading provider of networking gear for custom integrators, introduced at CEDIA Expo 2012 a brand new line of wireless access points that are geared to give maximum distance without sacrificing performance.

I can say from experience in my personal system that these access points are another evolution in the networking space by a company already known for its prowess in the market.

Look for my forthcoming wireless shoot-out featuring Pakedge, Luxul and others in a forthcoming issue of CE Pro.

W6 enterprise-class wireless N access point [shot with a Panasonic DMC-ZR1 Lumix, the official camera of the CEDIA CE Pro Blog Mob]

In addition, Pakedge has given a brand new entire facelift to its WAP controllers.

The new line has been given a real A/V look. Boasting the power and configuration abilities this is one of the first networking products I have seen that looks better than half of the A/V gear in the rack.


In addition, Pakedge is introducing its first power strip with the remote management tools to go with it.


This rack-mount power strip is not only IP controlled, it is controllable down to each outlet individually—not only allowing control but the ability to monitor as well on a per-device/plug basis.

The company also has integrated a temperature and humidity sensor for more monitoring and diagnostic goodness. Third-party integration with home automation systems is in the works.

In addition Pakedge introduces its “AP Finder” featuring a suite of device configuration and monitoring/statistics. It operates on your iPhone so now you can walk the project and find, modify, and get real feedback right from your phone.

This handy little app can help any dealer look like a network guru!

Victor Pak, Pakedge

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