Onecue from eyeSight Adds Gesture Control to Smart Home Devices

With onecue, the central controller can swap out most of your existing remotes.

Onecue from eyeSight Adds Gesture Control to Smart Home Devices
onecue is available for pre-order for $129.
Avi Rosenthal · December 4, 2014

Whether it was out of frustration or because you actually thought it would change the channel faster, many of you have flapped arms and hands at the TV before. Now a company named eyeSight is encouraging you to do that, all while ditching your current remote controls.

The company has announced onecue, a new device that offers control over anything in your home that already has a remote. However, instead of just adding yet another controller into the mix, onecue can handle all of those devices with a wave of a hand.

The onecue was designed to handle everything in your A/V cabinet, but also works with home automation goodies like the Nest and the Philips Hue. It can control infrared and WiFi-enabled devices.

To connect the onecue, you’ll need an iOS or Android device with Bluetooth or a PC that’s connected to the device. All of the configuration is done through a free app. You don’t have to have a smartphone or tablet to configure the device, but without it, you’ll only get the basics. All of the good stuff is done through the app.

Once it’s ready, the onecue should live on top of the TV or in another central area. According to eyeSight, the onecue does need line-of-sight to handle IR devices, but you can add in repeaters if you need to wave from the next room.

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Onecue has the ability to control specific devices with specific gestures, but can also group multiple devices. For instance, you can wave your hand to turn on the TV, cable box and receiver simultaneously. Other options include being able to mute, by making a “shush” motion by putting your finger to your lips.

“Every device in our homes, from the TV to the cable box to the thermostat, has its own control system and remotes, cables or apps for operation, resulting in lots of clutter and fragmentation,” says eyeSight CEO Gideon Shmuel. “To solve this problem, we developed onecue, a control center to bring together all of these devices through a natural, easy-to-use interface that leverages our years of experience in gesture recognition technology to let you experience your home through your fingertips.”

The company is currently taking pre-orders for the onecue for just $129. Once it launches next year, that cost is expected to jump to $199.

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