New MoCA 2.0 Doubles Throughput Speed to 400 Mbps

Multimedia over Coax Alliance reveals new MoCA 2.0 spec is yielding 400 Mbps new throughputs for video transmission in ongoing field tests, more than twice the 200 Mbps from the MoCA 1.1 spec. Alliance seeks more installers for testing with more results due out March 2015.

New MoCA 2.0 Doubles Throughput Speed to 400 Mbps
The Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) is doing field tests that will be completed in March 2015 on a new, faster MoCA 2.0 standard for coaxial cable video distribution in the home.
Jason Knott · January 6, 2015

MoCA has released preliminary results of its ongoing MoCA 2.0 field tests demonstrating better than 400 Mbps net throughputs (MAC rate) in 90 percent of all coaxial cabling outlets, or paths. Net throughputs were greater than 350 Mbps for 95 percent of paths.

MoCA has always emphasized MAC rates as PHY rates are often the result of tests performed in pristine lab environments and do not reflect real world conditions. Results reported today are based on 108 homes tested throughout the U.S. so far.

Field Test Methodology
Homeowner volunteers in several states in the U.S. received kits with a MoCA designed automated application test operating on a laptop and MoCA 2.0 certified devices from Broadcom and Entropic. The application created an operational MoCA 2.0 network and ran measurements between each pair of MoCA devices in the network at frequencies from 500 MHz to 1.6 GHz.

No special conditions were required to be a participant. For instance, no homes were screened or chosen based on construction materials, age or condition of wiring, or type of pay TV service. The objective was to collect results from a diversity of real-world, coax-based installations.


“Service providers require validation of a technology’s characteristics and capabilities for them to seriously consider adoption and integration into their network and more importantly, customer’s homes,” says Charles Cerino, MoCA president. “My extensive experience testing various technologies always comes down to; does it work in the field? Our rigorous examination of MoCA 2.0 in the lab and in the field proves that our technology standard is fast and reliable.”

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Completion of the field tests is targeted for the March 2015 timeframe. This is the second field trial conducted by MoCA. In 2005, the Alliance conducted tests of MoCA 1.0 in 250 homes throughout the U.S. and verified better than 100 Mbps net throughputs in 97 percent of all outlets. The same data rate was achieved in 100 percent of outlets with minor remediation to the in-home network. 

Though currently testing in the U.S., it is the intent of the Alliance to conduct these same tests internationally. Operators interested in conducting field trials in their network should contact Rob Gelphman, VP of Marketing and Member Relations, at 408-838-7458 and .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Tests kits are loaned free of charge.

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