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Myth Confirmed: Samsung Embraces Analog Sunset Early [UPDATED]

Samsung spokesperson confirms that all new D Series TVs will support only 480p over a component connection. UPDATE: But wait, confusion looms.

New D Series Samsung LED TVs will top out at 480p resolution for component video. [UPDATE: Or will they?]
Joe Whitaker · April 1, 2011

[UPDATE: Bill Paul of Neothings, which manufactures matrix switches, went to Magnolia to see for himself: Do the Samsung D Series TVs only support 480p over component? His field trip told him no. But that doesn’t speak to future versions of the TVs and explanations by Samsung representatives that confirm the 480p “myth.” Thanks to Bill for his investigation. Author Joe Whitaker continues to follow up with this manufacturer and others.—Ed.

And another UPDATE: A PR contact from Samsung reports, “Samsung has made no change to its support for HD input via component connection. Our 2011 televisions continue to support up to 1080p signals through component inputs. That makes the most sense, but leaves the author wondering why Samsung tech support and reps (and numerous dealers and users) have reported a maximum 480p resolution over component inputs. The investigation continues.]

There has been a lot of buzz on industry forums that all of Samsung’s new D Series LED TVs will now only support a maximum resolution of 480p.

This had me puzzled so I put on my investigator cap.

After searching all of the forums on the topic it all looked grim. No one could shoot down this rumor. Next was Samsung’s website. It said that it supported up to 1080p on component in the user manuals. This, however, was impossible!

I have seen incorrect documentation from many manufacturers before so I did the old-fashioned thing: I called Samsung.

Samsung confirmed that, indeed, the new D Series sets will only support 480p over a component connection.

The spokesperson told me I was not the first to call with this question.

But with all the inconsistencies between research, documentation, and the phone call I am still puzzled. Is this myth real? Is the sunset already here? Will this be a trend with all new Samsung displays and possibly other manufacturers?

I myself have been swearing by good HDMI distribution for a while. But many integrators are trying to ride the component train till the end. So as a word of warning: get off the train now.

Start re-evaluating current proposals because you know you’ll have clients that insist on one of the new D Series Samsung displays.

The Analog Sunset is upon us and component will offer no more shelter from the rain.

If any Samsung reps care to verify or discount this myth (or reality) here please do so in the comments below or by emailing me.

With all the inconsistencies in this tale there needs to be some validation.

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