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More Questions for IoT/Home Automation Companies at Parks’ Connections (M-S)

What's with the Wi-Fi Cow? And questions for 18 other providers of Internet of Things (IoT) and home automation at Parks' Connections conference.

Orange GMNA showing IoT Wi-Fi cow at Parks Associates Connections?
Julie Jacobson · May 12, 2014

Just working my way down the alphabet of sponsors, speakers and attendees of the Parks Associates Connections conference this week, featuring the who’s who of home automation and Internet of things (IoT). I’ve already posted questions for AARP through Lutron. Now I’ve prepped questions and comments for Manything to Samsung.

And I’ve continued to use the just-invented acronym HAaS, or home automation as a service, for cloud-based home-control platforms. Use #HaasHome if you like, want, or provide the service.

See you at CONNUS#14!

I like the idea of using old iOS devices for CCTV but how about those of us who have really old iOS devices, like pre-iOS 5?

With all the makings of a fine HAaS service provider, and a loyal enthusiast following, why hasn’t MiOS made it into the big leagues? How do startups like Revolv grab the spotlight when companies like yours have a solid history in the home automation biz? (Related: MiOS: The Biggest Home Automation Platform You Never Heard of)

It’s great to see a traditional security central station at Connections. How do your dealers sell against DIY in an increasingly self-monitoring world?

Who are you … and how do you manage to support everything from enterprise networks to smart TVs?

We at MyTechPro believe it is our mission to help “make the complicated simple”, providing each customer a personal experience that we refer to as “Concierge Service.” MyTechPro will help you with any kind of “technology” that you might have. From Enterprise Class Network Design, to Smart TV’s and Home Theater installation. MyTechPro has become each customer’s trusted, reliable, and easily accessible source for advice, design, installation, training and repairs for anything related to their technology.  All of MyTechPro’s services are delivered with excellence, on time at a reasonable rate.

So now Belkin (Wemo) and D-Link (Smart Plug) are in the IoT/home automation business. Will Netgear be far behind?

Nortek (Nasdaq: NTK)
As you’re the leader of Elan Home Systems and 2Gig by Linear ... how come 2Gig security doesn’t integrate with Elan automation?

OpenAir Equity Partners
So you’ve got money in GoGo, the inflight Internet provider. First, I would like to know why GoGo accounts don’t transfer from one airline to another, even if they’re partners. It’s annoying.

More to the point, what is this SmartHome Ventures you’re funding?

SmartHome Ventures is a home automation service provider, combining a state of the art operating system, a growing portfolio of interoperable devices and nationwide service coverage to enable mass market adoption of the connected home. SmartHome Ventures makes the smart home simple for retailers, distribution partners, and consumers.

Orange GMNA
When I first saw Orange on the attendee list, I thought it was the French telecom that has deployed MiOS-enabled home control products to its customers. Then I found the M2M company online and, lo and behold, you are the same Orange, the Group Marketing North America (GMNA).

Now I see the My Plug IoT platform, your box with an Orange SIM card, and your invitation to app developers to build on the platform. How’s the progress and what is your North American play?

Also, what’s with the Wi-Fi cow (shown above)?

what is My Plug?
My Plug is a smart object acting like a home automation box. It includes a GSM modem and an Orange SIM card. This smart plug can talk and control devices (for the moment only the key ring and soon other devices that you can find in house).

what’s in it for you?
My Plug is more than a smart plug. You can develop services on top with minimum set up investment, taking advantage of a growing market already using the device. Services can be easily integrated into our open home infrastructure and used by customers on a range of operators.

Where ya been?

Parks Associates
What have I missed the last several years I’ve missed this excellent conference?

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Like the broadcasting service? Interesting.

Pella Corporation
The one thing missing in the really smart home is motorized and automated windows. Sure, they exist but they’re wildly expensive and otherwise inaccessible. Can we expect innovations in window controls anytime soon? At the very least, how about inexpensive smart films?

Philips Lighting
So you kind of pioneered the world of smart bulbs with Philips Hue, but then you stopped there? The rest of the IoT world is passing you by. Will you extend the line? Also, will you stick with ZigBee for control (hub required) or go with an Wi-Fi solution?

So you offer basic network-management call-center support for large providers. Is there a connected-home business in your future? How would a company go about supporting smart homes with all the disparate parts and pieces? How would you train techs for that?

Your AllJoyn and AllSeen initiatives confuse me. Can you kindly update me on the progress? Also, it seems Qualcomm (and others) is on a mission to do with Wi-Fi what Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE) had done with Bluetooth. How’s that going? (Related: CES 2014: How Many Smart Home Platforms Does LG Need?)

I’m your neighbor in Carlsbad. Can we get together?

Residential Systems Magazine
Gordon van Zuiden is listed as president. When did you get that promotion?! Magazines are a tough business, my friend.

You’ve been poking around the professional installation market, seeing whether there’s something there for your erstwhile DIY offering. Is there? Also, what are product returns like? Is there a large tech-support burden?

We loved you until we got TiVo and no longer have a need for your services. When will you finally add a Z-Wave or ZigBee radio and a modicum of home control?

You showed a home automation demo at CES 2014 that was painfully slow – like three seconds for the lights to respond. What’s your plans there?

Also, I’m a big fan of home automation apps on the TV (as an overlay), but I seem to be the only one. I got a lot of pushback over the ADT Pulse app and Crestron app. Pity.

Might I suggest a simple solution for a surveillance camera linked to a doorbell such that the image of the visitor pops up on the TV … and Samsung smart phone? Easy peasy. Instant value.

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