Mitsubishi Details 3D DLP TVs

Mitsubishi's 3D DLP lineup starts with the 73-inch 640 series model for $1,599.

Mitsubishi Details 3D DLP TVs
Grant Clauser · June 6, 2011

Remember that mega Mitsubishi DLP we told you about in January? Mitsubishi has released new details on it and the rest of its big screen lineup for 2011.

Here’s proof Mitsubishi is exiting the small TV business.  The new lineup, all 3D DLP, starts with a 73-inch 640 series model for $1,599, making it one of the best dollar-per-inch values on the market.

The 740 series includes 73- and 82-inch models with 3D, streaming media features and available iPod/iPad apps for control. Those models will sell for $2,099 and $3,499 respectively.

Moving into the Diamond 840 series, we find the super-sized 92-inch model, which Mitsubishi calls the Home Cinema TV, about the size of four 46-inch TVs. The 840s include integrated 16 speaker IST systems (immersive sound technology) or you can take advantage of the center channel mode and use your own speakers for the remaining channels. Integrated Bluetooth lets you play your iPod music through the TV. The series includes ISFccc mode for professional calibration. The 840 models begin at $2,599 for a 73-inch model up to $5,999 for the 92-inch version.

Finally, Mitsubishi’s latest LaserVue DLP TV comes in at 75-inches and includes a new screen to improve contrast. This model includes a 120Hz film mode, built-in Wi-Fi, an assortment of streaming media services, including VUDU, and ISFccc. The price on that model is $5,999.

Mitsubishi is the only major manufacturer still actively marketing DLP TVs. Most consumers prefer the wall-hugging appearance of flat-panel TVs, particularly the super-slim LED LCD TVs, but there’s a lot to be said for rear projection DLP TV. While the 92-inch model is 25-inches deep, nothing other than a front projector and a screen can come close to that price. The TVs are good for places were space isn’t much of an issue.

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