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Meridian’s 271 Theater Controller: Bring Your Own Processor, Enjoy DSP Speakers

Debuting at CEDIA 2017, Meridian's new 271 Digital Theater Controller integrates with any analog or digital A/V processor with Meridian's DSP loudpseakers.

Meridian’s 271 Theater Controller: Bring Your Own Processor, Enjoy DSP Speakers
Meridian 271 Digital Theater Controller debuts at CEDIA 2017: Bring your own processor, use Meridian DSP speakers.

CE Pro Editors · August 10, 2017

Meridian Audio is introducing the 271 Digital Theat​er Controller at CEDIA 2017, featuring high-quality dynamics and clarity, for analog, digital and 3D format applications.

The 271 integrates any analog or digital A/V processor on the market with Meridian’s DSP (Digital Signal Processing) loudspeakers, known for bringing high-resolution, immersive audio into home cinemas.

“The ambition to generate maximum performance and the ultimate audio fidelity from any source is in Meridian’s DNA,”  “That’s exactly what the 271 does for home cinema.

"For the first time, this Digital Theatre Controller enables the integrator to benefit from our DSP speaker technology using their processor of choice," says Barry Sheldrick, Meridian’s director of sales. "As clients continue to move from physical media to streaming content, where lossy, low-resolution codecs are the norm for the foreseeable future, our 271 is also the premium performance option for Atmos, Auro-3D, and DTS:X formats.”

Equipped with Meridian High Resolution (MHR) technology the 271 offers.  

  • 16 channels of analog audio on any combination of single-ended or balanced input connections (RCA or 2 x 8 channel DB25 connectors). 
  • 16 + 4 digital audio outputs on SpeakerLink connections for use with Meridian DSP loudspeakers.
  • 16 + 4 analog audio outputs on unbalanced RCA connectors to allow simple integration of Meridian DSP speakers with passive loudspeakers.
  • Optional balanced digital input options available to support 16 channels of digital audio fed from processors including those from Trinnov, Datasat and Storm Audio (2 x RJ45 and 1 x DB25).
  • Multiple 271’s can be used where more channels are required (32, 48 etc).

Although it contains more than 4,000 individual components the 271 is only 2U high and is designed for easy rack mounting. Meridian claims that integrating the 271 into an existing A/V system is simple via an IP-based configuration platform. Control modules for a number of third-party systems.

According to the company, 271 is cool running and requires no ventilation, as will all 200-series products.

Retail price is $2,000 for the analog version, and includes a five-year warranty.

The product is expected to ship in September.

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