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Kiwi Wearables Shows Future of Home Automation at CES 2014

Startup Kiwi to show wearable badge and if/then engine that illustrates the future of sensor-driven, cloud-enabled home automation.

Kiwi Wearables Shows Future of Home Automation at CES 2014
Kiwi Move at CES 2014: sensors + algorithms + if/then engine = home automation in the near future
Julie Jacobson · January 3, 2014

We always hear about The Future of Home Automation but never has there been a better illustration of it than Kiwi Wearables, a startup that will showcase a sensor-driven, cloud-enabled solution for the smart home at CES 2014 (Venetian Ballroom #71224)

The first Kiwi Move video below demonstrates how one sensor can measure activity, location, gestures, sounds, temperature and more … and translate the measurements into actions through a simple if/then engine (Kiwi calls it when/do).

For example: WHEN I go to the gym, DO load my training application.

Or: WHEN I tap twice, DO arm the security system to away.

Kiwi was founded just six months ago but has come a long way since then, creating an $80 developers’ kit and imagining all sorts of applications for the platform.

Not all of the features are active in the first board, but Kiwi suggests a few projects developers could implement today.

On the home automation front, for example, you could create a scenario in which a double-tap could unlock the door, or a “shake” could control the TV.

Kiwi says it has a large library of algorithms for incorporating learned behaviors into the ecosystem:

Developers will also gain access to a catalog of standard algorithms which can be easily applied to classify the sensed data, allowing you to build gesture-based applications or implement machine learning on large data sets with only a few lines of code.

In one of the applications demonstrated in the second Kiwi video below, a woman utters the raw ingredients going into a blender—“one cup of kiwis”—and the system charts the nutritional value of the drink.

In another, the woman hears a song in the supermarket and draws a note in the air. The system recognizes the song and adds it to her playlist.

The finished product is expected to ship this summer. The company is taking orders now for $99 but the full retail price of the Kiwi Move device is $150.


Kiwi Wearables, Move platform

The Kiwi board is just about 1.5 inches square and features:

ARM Cortex M4

Bluetooth Low Energy
Wireless B/G

Accelerometer 16G
Gyroscope 2000 deg/sec
Magnetometer +/- 1 degree
Barometer +/- 2 feet
Thermometer +/- 0.5 degrees C.

4 hour streaming sensor data
5 day event storage 2 Gb

RGB controllable LED

Two buttons

Detection capabilities
Tap, shake, orientation
Email, SMS

Operating System
Data profiler
USB storage
Raw & event sensor output

Power and battery
Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Charging via USB
Streaming sensor time: up to 4 hours on Wifi
Standby time: up to 120 hours

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