Kaleidescape Dealers React to Warner Bros. Downloads

Dealers, Beta testers discuss Kaleidescape download store featuring Warner Bros. content, commenting on download speeds, lack of partners, pricing and user experience.

Julie Jacobson · December 11, 2012

Kaleidescape dealers are reacting mostly positively to the news that customers will now be able to download HD movies and TV episodes to Kaleidescape dealers. Today, the new Kaleidescape Store opens with thousands of titles from Warner Bros., the first licensing partner for Kaleidescape’s first digital content service.

CE Pro interviewed Beta testers of the new store prior to the announcement. We also collected feedback from dealers just learning about the news yesterday and today. The following are some of their responses (edited for clarity and grammar).

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User experience
Kaleidescape has done an excellent job setting up the store. It is very user-friendly, simple-to-operate, and the ease of downloading is somewhat addicting.  I’m sure this service will expand my library considerably over the coming months.
Jim Goodrich, CineLife (integrator, Beta tester, proprietor of Kaleidescape Owners Forum

I absolutely love the new Kaleidescape store. It is something that every Kaleidescape customer will enjoy, as it is simple to navigate and even easier to add movies to your collection. Of course, being able to implement and use the terrific Kaleidescape user interface with the downloaded content, as well, is seamless, and a perfect solution.
It is easy to use, simple to understand, and very classy. A home run.
Jeff Cherun, Teatro Custom Installation (integrator and Beta tester)

Download speeds
Do you guys honestly believe a customer would want to wait over three hours for their 25-30 Mbps connection to download a movie? And that’s if there is no dips in the network speed! A lot of larger, nice homes tend to be in more rural areas and speeds are often half what city folk get. What are yacht people using for internet? 10-12 Mbps wild blue? Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great move for them but IMO they need to expand to all streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, etc.
“drewski300” (integrator) via

Two to three hours to download? Screw that, just go buy the movie. It’ll be faster. It will look and sound better and if you can afford a Kaleidescape you can afford to just buy the damn movie anyway.
“ichbinbose” (integrator) via

Who plans a movie two to three hours ahead of time? And how many customers splurge for 50 Mbps? Many of our wealthiest clients still buck at paying more than the minimum package, or they can’t even get another option.
“Fins” (dealer) via

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I’ve researched Kaleidescape’s pricing against other retailers’ and found it to be very competitive, especially when the ease of acquiring new content is considered.
Jim Goodrich, CineLife

Warner Bros. as content partner
The addition of Warner Bros. to the mix is certainly helpful, both in access to their content, and because it will perhaps cause other studio’s to come onboard.  Warner Bros. has an excellent library of past and current hit movies and TV shows and we look forward to tapping into that library.
Jim Goodrich, CineLife

The Warner Bros. content is great, but it will need to be as comprehensive as other download/streaming services. If not, it won’t compete. Also, the addition of HD movies will be mandatory to set it apart from other streaming services.
Jeff Cherun, Teatro

So far only one studio is on board. So it looks like it will be the same problem that every other online source has, not all the content you may be looking for.
“Fins” (integrator) via

Kaleidescape’s long delay in offering downloadable content
It hasn’t been a deal-breaker for me. I’ve been sold on the Kaleidescape “experience” ever since I purchased my first system (not as a dealer). The experience is derived from the wonderful user interface, but we are all happy to see the download capability. It does allow for a simpler method of content storage to the server.
Jim Goodrich, CineLife

Many of our clients who own Kaleidescape systems have asked us to add Netflix and Apple TV services to their systems, and as a result their Kaleidescape systems have taken a back seat. This will now catapult it back into the most-used device in their systems, I am guessing.
Jeff Cherun, Teatro

About time.
Thank god.
This is going to be awesome.
So glad we started pushing it again.
“39 Cent Stamp” (integrator) via

I hate to say it but I believe it’s too little too late. I would venture to guess that better than 98% of Kaleidescape’s clients bought with storage in mind rather than an emphasis on audio quality. I would also venture to guess that most people who have watched and heard a Vudu-streamed movie in HDX would be absolutely happy with the quality and the other 97% of the world is ecstatic to have Netflix through a cheap DVD player and cranks their best music through whatever system they have via an iPod.

As much as I hate to say it, physical media storage was their forte and that is a business model that can no longer compete with the available options. Their stance in becoming the audiophile media streamer is not one I would be comfortable investing in. That audience is far too small for survival.
“Whitevan Lifestyle” (integrator) via

Of course 97% percent of the world is happy with Netflix, 97% percent of the world is happy with a 50-inch TV and a Ford too, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for high-end video projectors and Ferraris.
David Haddad (integrator) via

Effects on Kaleidescape sales
It probably will help to sell more systems because of the additional ease of use. This new download store makes getting to Kaleidescape’s industry-leading user interface and its compelling A/V experience much easier. Anything that accomplishes that is welcome.
Jim Goodrich, CineLife

I think the Kaleidescape Store will help with the sales of new systems, as well as reinvigorate older customers to upgrade their storage capacity and get them excited about this new service. It will change the way they use their systems.
Jeff Cherun, Teatro

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