Jetbuilt Unveils Multi-Currency Quoting at ISE

Jetbuilt sales and project management software's new multi-currency capability allows integrators to more easily quote and manage overseas projects.

Jetbuilt Unveils Multi-Currency Quoting at ISE
Jetbuilt plans to simplify the often complex, multi-step process of finding pricing, purchase orders, and converting them to different currencies by automating it into one step.
CE Pro Editors · February 8, 2018

Jetbuilt’s A/V sales and project management platform will now include multi-currency workflow. The new release is being unveiled at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2018, February 6 to 9 in Amsterdam. This feature is in direct response to customer feedback and is especially responsive to European integrator needs. Likewise, the functionality is well suited for U.S. integrators who find themselves creating proposals for and managing overseas projects. 

The new platform offers several new features, which will allow integrators to:

  • Set a default selling currency for their company (or for each of their company’s office locations).
  • Define multiple purchasing currencies for each location, which then provides on-tap the A/V product lines which are available in those currencies.
  • Attach a default selling currency to any client to be used for their future projects.
  • Perform real-time currency conversion, updating costs and profit margins from the various purchasing currencies to the selling currency.

This news comes after last year's annoucement that the company would partner with VidCAD Phoenix to reduce the redundancy in typical daily workflow and help improve the design and documentation needs of designers, engineers, and installers. 

“As you can imagine, this functionality offers immense speed and advantages to a slow and complex issue,” explained Paul Dexter, founder of Jetbuilt.  “For Europeans and other global integrators who commonly work in various currencies, this provides extreme convenience, efficiency and power.”

Dexter also mentions that Jetbuilt can connect a dealer to different currencies, which allows it to automatically pull the products available in those regions. Due to it being automatic, this also increases the speed at which integrators can do their jobs. 

Jetbuilt’s core features include the on-tap product database, dealer pricing integration, cloud team collaboration, change orders, purchase orders, accounting and CRM integrations, and their innovative Project Overview page. 

Software is becoming an increasingly important element for custom integrators' business needs. The bottom line benefits of software investment are proving to boost profitability substantially in some cases. 

ISE attendees are invited to visit booth 15-K220 to demo Jetbuilt to learn more about the newest tool available to its customers.

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