Is Apple Developing Networked HDTVs?

Built-in functionality would allow for streaming of iTunes content, report says.

Is Apple Developing Networked HDTVs?
Jason Unger · October 13, 2008

According to Jason Calacanis, founder of Weblogs Inc. (owner of Engadget and a number of other blogs), Apple is working on high-def LCD TVs with built-in networking functionality, reports CNET UK.

The TVs, says Calacanis, would stream content from iTunes on a Mac or a PC and function similarly to having an Apple TV without the need for the box.

Apple currently offers a 30-inch display, so they have experience in offering high-quality monitors.

Why does this matter to custom installers?

Beyond the number of Apple innovations that our industry doesn’t really notice and the rise of Savant’s OS X-based system, the recently released Apple TV 2.2 update allows HDTV shows to be purchased straight from the box.

While the Apple TV update only adds purchasing of HDTV shows, high-def movies can’t be too far away. If the networked TVs truly had Apple TV’s functions, this would be direct competition to services like VUDU, which just recently announced the 1080p/24 HDX format.

The new LCDs would presumably work like HP’s MediaSmart TVs, which have built-in Media Center Extender functionality.

Apple has never been known to offer an “open” network and hasn’t paid much (if any) attention to the custom channel, but it has long been speculated that the company will expand its presence in the networked home.

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