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Hurricane Sandy: Integrator Installs 15 Battery Backups Before ‘Frankenstorm’

Hurricane Sandy enables The Source Home Theater in New York City to sell and install 15 APC UPS battery backup systems in two days prior to the arrival of the storm.

Hurricane Sandy: Integrator Installs 15 Battery Backups Before ‘Frankenstorm’
The Source Home Theater in Staten Island, N.Y. bought $4,000 of APC UPS battery backups and installed 15 of them in just two days for clients in advance of Hurricane Sandy.
Jason Knott · October 29, 2012

If Mother Nature gives you lemons, make lemonade. That’s what Todd Anthony Puma of The Source Home Theater in New York City did in preparation for Hurricane Sandy, or “Frankenstorm.”

Knowing his clients would be concerned about losing power to their electronics during the storm, Puma purchased $4,000 of APC uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) battery backup systems a week before the storm. He solicited customers with a “special” and was able to sell and install 15 systems in just two days.

“Being it was such short notice, we could have sold more,” he says. “We only sold them the product and didn’t charge them the labor.”

The Source Home Theater normally specs Panamax/Furman, but the APC product was available on short notice.

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“No one really took the storm seriously until Friday/Saturday, so it didn’t give us much time,” Puma says. “We didn’t do our normal zip tie and clean up work. We let all the customers know that we need to get in and out so that we could get to everyone. We are also offering after the storm package discount to get back in current customers homes and past customer at a discounted rate. We are also able to remotely access our clients who have Panamax/Furman Bluebolt to turn their systems off in vacation homes.”

Now that he has seen success with this, Puma says he plans to build a package including Furman battery backups and storm-ready power supplies.

“This was the first time we did this package. The last storm (Hurricane Irene last year) we had I wish I would have done something close to this but it slipped through the cracks. Being that Ny / Nj doesn’t normally get storms like this I never pushed it, but with this storm effecting so many people I want to help my customers and there expensive products by making a package to protect their products. This is most beneficial to commercial clients as they have more running on their networks.

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