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How to Build a Better Tech Team

ConnectWise offers programs to help home systems integrators develop solid business plans and foster an environment of corporate leadership and employee teamwork.

How to Build a Better Tech Team

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March 15, 2018

As the adage goes, there’s no “I” in team. This applies in spades to home systems integration companies. On projects, be they big or small, everyone on the team, from the company owner and salesperson to the programmer and installer, need to collaborate, communicate, and work seamlessly together to ensure profitability and customer satisfaction. That teamwork goes beyond simply doing your part on a project. Everyone involved must harbor mutual trust and respect for each other. If not, the project and your entire business can suffer.

An Ecosystem Employee Satisfaction

To provide home systems integrators with the tools they need to inspire and develop good teamwork, ConnectWise recently acquired HTG, a worldwide consulting, coaching, and peer group organization. Added to ConnectWise’s comprehensive portfolio of software-based project management and productivity tools, HTG’s teambuilding and business development programs go that one last step to provide homes systems integration companies with a holistic approach to business success.

Rethinking the Entrepreneurial Mindset

There’s no question that the home systems design and installation industry is driven largely by entrepreneurs---those who see and opportunity in a new market and launch a business. Typically starting out small, these entrepreneurs often handle every phase of the business—from sales to installation—themselves. Even as new employees are added to the company roster, it can be difficult to get out of the “do-it-all-myself” mindset. Although noble, it’s an attitude that can cause dissention and derail your business objectives.

This is why a team building program that focuses on creating a healthy, sustainable work environment is so important. You can implement a variety of business practices that help you manage projects more efficiently, but without the full commitment and support of everyone at the company, those tools can only take you so far. Making sure everyone on the home systems team in on the same page and working toward a common goal should be an integral part of business objectives.  

Holistic Approach to Running a Business

Wrapped up in the day-to-day duties of managing projects, it can be easy to let employee relations slide. For business-focused individuals, it can also be a difficult shift in perspective and priorities. But like all facets of a running a business, building and maintaining a thriving team of employees, requires special communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills. It’s human—centric, face-to-face interaction at its best. To get to that level, ConnectWise offers HTG-inspired, open platform coaching and consulting programs, seminars and events. Designed to provide home systems integrators with peer-to-peer networking opportunities, business and leadership resources, and leadership guidance and counseling, the addition of HTG allows ConnectWise to offer a complete, holistic approach to running a successful home systems business.

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