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Hands On: Sharp XV-Z17000 3D DLP Projector

An affordable projector that will deliver high-quality 3D to your clients' homes in a big way.

Arlen Schweiger · April 22, 2011

Not to put any pressure on a product, but Sharp’s XV-Z17000 DLP projector review was essentially a make-it-or-break-it test for me. I’ve been skeptical about 3D’s relevance for the home, but had not had a chance to view it in my theater as a projection setup.

The verdict came quickly when I flipped the switch during Despicable Me (via a Sharp Aquos 3D Blu-ray player) to go from 2D to 3D: this projector “makes it,” so to speak.

That’s not to say 3D in the home works for all shapes and sizes, which has been my gripe with the technology. I’ve seen demonstrations of 46-inch flat-panel 3D TVs and though the video quality was crisp, I can’t endorse it with the same fervor. This projector cemented my opinion that 3D needs to be big to have impact in a home theater or media room - perhaps no less than 70 diagonal inches, which still keeps some TVs in play, but makes integrators’ roles even more critical to the format’s success.

But serving up a big picture is just one of many reasons Sharp’s XV-Z17000 works very well as a 3D solution. When you factor in overall image quality, ease of use, picture adjustment options and cost, the product showcases that not only can you install great 3D in the home, but clients won’t feel like they have to break the bank to achieve it.

imageClick image to view spec sheet

Sharp says the XV-Z17000 can output up to 1,600 ANSI lumens for a bright picture, which is particularly important when using the 3D function. I found the brightness quite satisfactory for both 2D and 3D projection, though as with most projectors you should keep in mind the amount of ambient light the room receives.

The unit incorporates an HQV Reon VX-210 imaging processor, five-speed/six-segment primary color wheel, dynamic contrast ratio of 40,000:1 and full 1920 x 1080 HD resolution.

From the menu you can adjust tons: contrast, brightness, color, tint, sharpness, blue, red, color temperature and iris; make advanced signal adjustments like gamma, film mode, brightness boost and detail enhancement; make screen adjustments such as keystone, background, logo, menu position and image shift; and change projector settings like auto power, economy mode, one-touch play, system standby, demo mode, RS-232 and fan mode.


The XV-Z17000 is highly portable at just 12.8 pounds, includes a sliding lens cover, runs down to 23dB and in Eco mode the lamp can last up to 3,000 hours.

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