Haier Debuts Eye Control TV, Roku Streaming, ‘Smart Living’ System at CES

Volume brand Haier debuts Roku streaming, Ultra HD TV, glasses-free 3D TV, eye control TV, and 'Smart Living with Cloud' technology revolving around its flat panel TVs and appliances.

Jason Knott · January 8, 2013

Just like Westinghouse is targeting a higher end of the market, Haier, a brand known for its volume sales through large retailers and for its appliances, is making some noise at CES 2013 with several display and appliance technology advancements.

Among the announcements - some real, some prototypes - are Roku streaming for certain displays, Ultra HD TV, glasses-free 3D TV, an eye control TV using Tobii technology, and a “Smart Living with Cloud” system revolving around its TVs and appliances.

Selected Core, Encore and Encore+ Series Haier TVs will come ready for use with the new Roku Streaming Stick, which gives consumers access to movies, television shows, music, casual games and other entertainment. The Roku Streaming Stick plugs into the MHL port of a Roku Ready Haier HDTV and streams entertainment from any household high-speed Wi-Fi connection.

Other features of the new TVs include LEDs with ultra-thin frames that provide a virtually edgeless picture and a 2.1 channel built-in audio.

Smart Gaze Eye Control TV
Haier is also showing at CES its Smart TV with gaze interaction. This Smart TV prototype illustrates the future of the connected home using gaze interaction technology from Tobii Technology giving viewers the option controlling a television using their eyes.

A key component of Gaze TV is the integration of Tobii’s eye-tracking hardware. The gaze interaction interface provides a natural and effortless way to interact with the increasing amount of content available to Smart TVs. The company claims it will make remote controls obsolete. Using gaze interaction, the television will also feature an easy-to-use interface allowing viewers to point, zoom, scroll, select and navigate.

Other gaming-related technologies in the Haier booth include 3D Gesture Control, a 3D gyroscopic remote, gesture control TV, and “brainwave” TV using NeuroSky’s MindReader headset that detects human brainwave patterns to reveal a person’s mental state (attention or relaxation). The NeuroSky MindReader then translates the monitored brainwaves into digital signals that the television can recognize.

The company will also be showcasing Ultra HD TV, glasses-free 3D TV and multiview 3D TV with two different pairs of 3D glasses that give the viewer the ability to have two different experiences of what is happening on one full screen at the same time. The TV splits the 3D signal, made up of two images (one for the right eye, one for the left). Two viewers each wear a pair of specially configured 3D glasses. Rather than integrating the right eye and left eye signals, one pair of glasses shows only what the left eye would see, and the other pair shows only what the right eye would see, resulting in two separate visual experiences.

Smart Living Appliances, TVs
For a decade now, Haier says it has engaged in research and development for smart home, establishing joint development laboratories with several multinational corporations to provide innovative solutions including a smart home system with smart appliances, surveillance and other home automation devices, providing consumers with options like remote home control, medical diagnosis and treatment, and online grocery shopping.

At CES, the company is introducing its Smart Living with Cloud technology aimed at converging smart appliances into daily life. In the system, a Smart TV interacts with other smart home appliances like the refrigerator or wine cellar for tracking status, control management and inventory notification. Smart Living also provides external interactivity, for example while watching TV, Haier’s multi-screen technology enables consumer to share what they are viewing with their friend or family on social network services like Facebook on any smart screen.

The Smart TV platform provides a learn-based human-machine UI with voice, camera and gestures while it automatically discovers other home Smart Appliances, tracking status and notification, enabling consumer control appliances on TV while watching favorite program with no interruptions. The Haier IPG (Interactive Smart TV Program Guide) on a second screen, tablet or smart phone helps consumers manage daily TV watching activities, offers advise on top watching channels and programs , enables Search and recommendations across channels and contents.

The company will also be showing off a wireless blender that uses Wi-Fi for power.

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