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Gold Line TalkBox Helps Measure Speech Clarity

The TalkBox kit from Gold Line is a simple way to measure the intelligibility of speech from a microphone used to fire evacuation systems in commercial spaces.

CE Pro Editors · October 25, 2012

Clear-sounding voice evacuation systems are newly required by National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) code in commercial facilities, but too often a large, vacuous spaces are full of echo and reverb, rendering the speech unintelligible.

The Gold Line TalkBox is a measurement tool that integrators can use to gauge the speech clarity of security and fire detection and evac systems, as defined as Acoustically Distinguishable Spaces (ADS). This 4-minute, 20-second video from Gold Line is the second part of a series that explains how to make speech intelligibility measurements on a voice evacuation systems. It directly explains the procedure on how to set-up the Gold Line TalkBox for injecting the STI-pa Test Tone in to the emergency control panel.

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