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Fibaro Has First Flood Sensor Available in Apple HomeKit

Fibaro releases an Apple HomeKit-enabled product line of sensors, including the first-ever flood sensor on HomeKit, as well as a motion sensor and door/window sensor.

Fibaro Has First Flood Sensor Available in Apple HomeKit

Chelsea Cafiero · December 15, 2016

Fibaro is bringing the first flood and leak sensing device to Apple's HomeKit ecosystem, along with two other HomeKit-enabled devices: a motion sensor and door/window sensor. 

Fibaro's HomeKit line boasts an intiutive and contemporary design. All three devices offer are designed to subtly blend in to home décor and be placed around the home to monitor changes in their surroundings. 

The sensors run on wireless Bluetooth LE (low energy, so as not to drain the battery) and can be controlled remotely via the new Fibaro app or the Apple Home app, available in iOS 10. 

Fibaro Flood Sensor

The Fibaro Flood Sensor is the first water and leak detection device in the Apple HomeKit ecosystem. The Flood Sensor is equipped with gold telescopic probes that detect water as soon as it appears. Fibaro says the device works on even and uneven surfaces. 

An LED indicator an an acoustic alarm signal alerts homeowners of flooding, and also of any tampering with the device. It can trigger a smart home scene and notify a user of a problem through the Fibaro app or Apple’s Home app.

Homeowners can also use the Fibaro Flood Sensor as a temperature sensor. If the sensor is placed in the garage or basement in cold weather months, users can ask Siri to check the temperature where the sensor is placed and stay ahead of burst pipes, drafts or other problems. 

Fibaro Motion Sensor

The Motion Sensor is a CES Innovations honoree. It's really a multi-sensor, measuring movement, ambient temperature and light intensity.

Battery-powered and communicating via Bluetooth, the device looks like an eye, with an LED indicator changing colors to signal motion, temperature level, light or tampering. The Motion Sensor is equipped with tamper protection through a built-in accelerometer. Any unauthorized attempt to relocate or change the sensor's view angle should trigger an alarm.

The sensor's holder allows users to place it anywhere in the home, even affixed to a wall, ceiling or other surface. 

Fibaro Door/Window Sensor

The Door/Window Sensor is a dual contact and temperature sensor that can be placed on any door or window. It comes in seven colors to match the home décor.

Fibar says the sensor can be easily installed with provided double adhesive backing and has a low profile. Any movement of a door or window will alert the homeowner, making the sensor an easy add-on to home security as part of the HomeKit ecosystem.

Fibaro App

Fibaro designed a new app for use with its Apple HomeKit line. The company calls the app easy to use and set up, with a secure authentication process. 

Fibaro’s HomeKit devices can be controlled with voice using Siri directly from an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Apple Watch. With an Apple TV, the app also allows for remote access and management outside the smart home. The Fibaro app gives users extended functionality including device status checks.

“Expanding our product line to include support for Apple HomeKit was a natural choice for Fibaro," says Rich Bira, U.S. managing director of Fibaro. "The HomeKit platform offers a simple and secure solution for expanding the many benefits of smart home to a new category of consumers that up to this point, may not have had the means or knowledge to participate. Working with companies like Apple to expand the mainstream consumer smart home market is very exciting for us."

Fibaro's HomeKit line will ship to the U.S. and any country where HomeKit is enabled over time.

Retail pricing:

  • Fibaro Flood Sensor $69.99/ea
  • Motion Sensor $69.99/ea
  • Door/Window Sensor $59.99/ea

All three products are expected to be available to consumers in the U.S. by the end of 2016. 

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